News from Paul Turner…

The players weren’t the only ones working hard during the Autumn Internationals!  Whilst I gave some predictions before the games (which I should point out, following a recent trend for spinning statistics, were a 100% improvement on last year…..when I gave none at all!), to add some spice to the occasion, I was also spending time on the fields of Southern England, and developing my new business, Paul Turner Sport.

As well as my usual roles as Rugby Pro at Reigate Grammar School and Head Coach at Ampthill RFC, I was very privileged to watch four international teams train on consecutive weeks before coaching skills sessions with the pupils of Latymer Upper School.  Their fantastic facilities at Wood Lane near Shepherds Bush hosted the Barbarians, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia teams before they each played at Twickenham and watching the intensity of their sessions and speaking with their staff really invigorated me as a coach.  Seeing the different habits and styles practiced on the training ground then come to fruition on match day brings home the need for good practice to reinforce the correct technique which will ultimately reap the rewards on the pitch. This is a mantra I have always followed in my own coaching sessions too.

However a large chunk of time in November was taken up developing the new business, or rather revamping my old business and formalising what I actually do, detailing all of the services I offer in one place.  Most people are aware of my coaching work, both in clubs and with up and coming young players in schools and on a one-to-one basis, however not many knew about the complete range of support services I offer to accompany these, such as supplying kit and equipment, or helping to organise tours abroad.  The new website gives the perfect platform to highlight these, and also gives space for a personal blog where I can share news and continue to give views on rugby in general, including of course the on-going political soap opera that is Welsh rugby!

Some might ask “why do this now”?  But in truth these developments have been on my mind for quite a while, as has the idea of expanding into other sports as well.  Why not assist with a hockey tour, or supply kit to a football team for instance?  It always seemed like a natural business progression and it was actually working on IWRTV earlier this year that helped to crystalise these thoughts.  At that time, working with Gareth (who presented the show) and his company Dischro Creative, I felt the potential was there to form a valuable partnership to really add value to the business and help publicise my work in a new way, so I invited Gareth to join me in Paul Turner Sport.  Since then, we have spent time re-branding the company with a new logo, a new website, new marketing materials and new social media profiles.

The business now has a fully fledged “voice” that will continue to grow and the website has space to properly provide information about the popular Disney trip at Easter and detail some of the bespoke skills and Sevens sessions on offer.  But these are exciting times and there is still more work to do as we explore other avenues such as Corporate Team Building days and one or two others that must remain under wraps for the time being!  I’ll also be recording my very first podcast very soon, so keep an eye on the site and of course social media for announcements….

So Christmas is fast approaching and thoughts are turning to the festive season, but I will still be busy working behind the scenes and looking forward to new challenges both on and off the field in the New Year.  I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts and views or from anyone who would like the input of my consultancy, so please do get in touch!