Training Sessions

Paul’s aim in his training sessions has always been to promote and develop core skills with a primary focus on distinguishing a more balanced array of skills required in today’s modern game, applying particular attention to detail to a player’s position of choice.  Paul teaches players to look at the game with an open mind, whether it be set piece, open play or a specific position on the field.

Typical training programmes with Paul follow this approach:
*  Introduction – Technique
One-on-one instruction and guidance creates a foundation necessary to be successful in competition. Most people are under the assumption that practice makes perfect, this proverb should read ‘Practice makes permanent’. If the practice is not correct it will become a permanently incorrect technique. This will have only limited success when under pressure.
*  Development –  Skill
Accomplished Technique Successfully Executed Under Pressure Becomes A Skill
Accomplished Technique Without Pressure = Technique Only
Accomplished Technique With Pressure = Skill
* Master Class – Skill In Oxygen Deficit
Creating ‘game like situations’ is an essential ingredient for the development of skill, decision making and confidence. ‘Failure to prepare is like preparing to fail’ Specific player designed practices that create the most challenging situations in a controlled and goal orientated manner.

Here Are Some Of The Core Skills You Will Learn:
*  Place Kicking / Punting / Drop Kicking Off Both Feet
*  Kicking Psychology
*  Variety Passing Skills
*  Ball Distribution Skills
*  Game Understanding
*  Game Management
*  Offloading Skills
*  Continuity Skills
*  Managing Contact

Analysis and Feedback:
One of the most documented methods for improving a skill and tactical execution is practicing game like situations, supported by the provision of corrective feedback from your rugby coach during the session.
*  Feedback Is Critical To The Learning Process

*  Players Need To Know Whether Mistakes Are Tactical Or Technical
*  Coaches Then Need To Address The Appropriate Aspect
*  Our Coaches Will Address The Appropriate Aspect Via Practical, Classroom And Video Feedback Tools

To assist your development, Paul Turner Sport has developed the following two specific sessions for your team:

“X-Factor Kicking & Handling Skills Session

Goal: To introduce, coach and develop specialist skills that are rarely on offer elsewhere to give players an extra edge in games. To provide additional “tools” players will be comfortable with and know when to use at times which could prove deceptive during a match.
During this session, players will learn:
* Kicking with both feet
* Correct Ball striking
* Passing skills with both hands
* Specialist kicks to manipulate ball into areas
* Empower the players to take more calculated risks
* How to place ball to best advantage own side, and disadvantage opposition
* Game-related scenarios to learn where and when to employ the skills
* Conditioned scenarios to promote reading of the game

This session lasts for approximately 1.5 hours (including warm-up) and is best delivered to groups of 4 kickers.
This session is delivered within an academic institution to 4 groups of 4 players over one day.
POA by email ( or phone (07413 997499).

“Sevens-Specific Skills Session”

Goal: To help players understand the difference between the 7 and 15 a side game and to introduce, coach and develop 7’s specific skills to enhance the team performance in competitions.
During this session players will:
* Attend a classroom based session where the mechanics of the sevens game will be explained
* Develop team systems
* Learn game plans and team tactics
* Understand where and when to implement certain systems, structures and tactics
* Develop skills at individual, unit and team levels
* Understand the role within the team each player is best suited to perform
* Establish a team defensive structure
* Learn specific contact skills sets to promote ball retention
* Understand the difference in techniques at breakdown with less players
* Develop set-piece play and moves
* Follow conditioned game-related scenarios to enhance techniques learned 

This session lasts one 5 hour day (to include lunch break) and is best attended by sevens squads of between 10 and 20 players.
This session is delivered within an academic institution over one day.
POA by email ( or phone (07413 997499).